Friday, November 16, 2012

Have I Mentioned My Hubby?

Okay, I guess I did, just recently, but I want to do it again.

How very awesome is this guy I married?

He cooks, he cleans, he folds laundry, he helps with homework, he drives the boys to school when they want more time in the morning, he listens to my daily life musings, he's always willing to stop what he's doing and run to the store for something.  He rubs my sore karate muscles (and frequently compliments me on said muscles), he kicks my butt to the gym three days a week and makes sure I get all the dojang and travel time that I need, supporting me even when it's more work for him.   He makes me feel loved and appreciated and beautiful and special.

Okay, he doesn't really cook. 

But he makes the kitchen spotless again after the boys or I cook.

He patiently accomodates my crazy schedule, my part-time work assignments, my writing projects, my need to fill the house with the same three Pandora stations 24/7, and my wacky Caveman Diet.  He isn't embarassed to be seen with me at the gym in my Footgloves.  He helps me stretch and keeps me company in the Other Room while I practice my forms, and stands and talks to me while I work on the weight machines or run on the treadmill. He cheerfully tolerates my need to occasionally assault him with spontaneous karate moves, and will even spar with me if I want to play. He kayaks with me, or does the driving when I want to kayak with a friend.  He's a good sport about almost everything.

And, of course, he makes me laugh.  He's probably one of the funniest people I know, which is, honestly, the reason I married him.  (And the reason he married me is probably that I'm one of the few people who understands and appreciates his sense of humor.)  Even when he is feeling his most dismal, he can poke fun at himself or at the situation and put it all in perspective.

Perspective is key with him.  He understands the value in seeing the Big Picture.  In not wanting to be part of the problem.  In thinking about how we're going to look back on this or that decades from now.  In stepping back and asking, "What does God want from me right now?  What am I meant to be doing at this point in my life?  What is my purpose?" 

Although he is an introvert at heart, he has embraced the gang of middle and high school karate teens who call our house their second home.  When I checked in with him regarding their frequent invasions of our space and kitchen, he reminded me that one of the best things we're doing as parents is being involved and making the effort to really know the kids' friends (and their parents) and making them feel welcome and valued in our lives. He gets the importance of this, and doesn't mind that our family has roughly doubled during a time of real financial hardship. 

Ever generous, he puts people before things every time.

It's been a difficult year for him, but he's handled the challenges and frustrations gracefully and with his core values intact.

And he's always ready with a secret stash of chocolate, an episode of zombies, or a massage when I need it.

Grateful to be married to my best friend.

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