Friday, November 02, 2012

Ninja Feet

Behold my birthday present from my beloved parents, who think I'm wacky but who love me anyway.  ===========>
It's my theory that once people make the move to barefoot (or minimalist) running, they don't often go back.
For me, it's the fact that I never used to like to run, and now I do. 
It doesn't hurt.  It feels good.  Healthy.  Natural.  Like something my body is supposed to do.
(I will say that after not running this way for a while, my calves are sore for a few days after starting up again.  But it's not an injury-type sore, it's a these-muscles-need-more-work sore. And avoiding that initial soreness is a good reason to do it regularly.)
They're not just for running, either.  I use them for kayaking, and, of course, for karate.
Most of the exercise I get is barefoot, in the dojang.  But that space is not always available.  These footgloves are a great way to move my karate practice outside.  In the last week, I've used them to practice at both the park and the Y. 
Taking my training time to different areas, including outdoors, has been a welcome change.  It's good to rehearse the moves of a form without relying on the familiar landmarks of the school.  Also, outside, there are no mirrors.  In the room I use at the Y, there are extra mirrors.  Both situations have certain advantages and help me focus on different aspects of what I'm doing.
These new Vibrams cover more of my feet and are warmer than my original pink pair, so I'm looking forward to using them this winter.
Grateful today for my new Ninja Feet and for the parents who understand and embrace my quirkiness.

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