Saturday, July 02, 2011

And the Winner Is...

not so much Middle this time. He was kind of disappointed. 5th in Weapons. 5th in Open Hand Forms. The two events he usually places in. Of course, that was when he was competing at the Intermediate level.

He didn't come home empty handed - he got a 3rd place trophy in Sparring. Partly because an opponent got disqualified for repeatedly kicking him in the 'nads. Having no external 'nads of my own, I can only go on what he said (and his pained facial expression as he walked out of the ring), but reportedly, even when wearing a cup, getting kicked in the 'nads hurts. A lot.

So it wasn't really his day. But, being the totally awesome kid that Middle is, he moved on, was happy for his teammates, and had fun the rest of the day going out to lunch with the gang and hanging out late into the night at the after-party.

He's already working on what he's going to do differently next time.

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