Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girl Time, Crafty Time

I spent a huge chunk of time with one of my favorite people today, without kids (a rare treat!). We went to a quilt show at the Hershey Lodge and immersed ourselves in this beautiful art, with which we both have a small amount of experience. Vendors selling fabric, thread, patterns and kits, sewing machines, accessories, and of course, quilts, filled one room. In the other was an exihibition of the best quilts, many of which were absolutely breathtaking.

Once you've tried your hand at something like quilting, you gain a real appreciation for all of the work that goes into one of these works of art. The piecing, the stitches and other technical elements that require such painstaking effort from a beginner were amazing enough. Add to that the beauty and creativity of so many of the quilts - it was quite something to experience.

I came away inspired to dig out my fabric and play. The sewing machine is still handy from the other night - all I need is to set aside another chunk of time to nurture my crafty side.

So grateful for a good friend who knows how much I need these kinds of things from time to time...


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