Friday, July 08, 2011

I Am Happy to Report...

... that BOTH cars are home and operational. Little passed all the tests and quizzes having to do with his yearly checkup, the pets had their checkups and shots as well. The hot water heater is still broken. C'est la vie.

Middle went to adult sparring and earned the respect of a much older and tougher opponent before going to a fun after-party with his favorite friends. Little played with his Saudi neighbor friends for a long time and the Teen got to visit his gf for a little while. Savageman and I went to the library and grocery store together and did a lot of cleaning and work done.

Kitty McSoftpaws is thrilled that we took her crate out for the trip to the vet. We left it open in the family room and she's been sleeping in it on and off all day long. Hopefully she'll still love it after a longer car trip.

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