Wednesday, July 27, 2011

August NaBloPoMo

The August NaBloPoMo theme has been announced: Fiction.

My immediate thought? What a great opportunity! I'll get back to work on my fun NaNoWriMo fiction from November and post a section each day on the blog. Or write a series of short stories related to said fiction and post one per week.

Several other ideas of how to use the August blogging theme to further my fun fiction piece came to mind.

And quickly departed.

What, am I crazy?

People might actually read my fun fiction if I post it on the blog.

They might think it sucks. Or, even worse, they might think it's good. They might wonder what other kinds of wacky stuff go on in that head of mine. (The two people in the world who know are smiling and nodding their heads right now...) They might see elements of themselves in this or that character and think I'm writing about them. They might want to talk about it or ask me questions about it.

I hate answering questions.

All of these thoughts give me a much deeper appreciation for what real authors go through in the process of allowing other people access to their own inner creative worlds.

If I ever do finish NaNoWriMo and actually publish something, it will be under a pseudonym. I'll suddenly have a boat or a vacation house or at least hardwood flooring in my living room and people will wonder where the money came from.

I'll never tell.


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