Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kayaking and Other Adventures

It's been almost a week since I've had a martial arts class.

And I'm beginning to feel it.

Sure, I've gone running. I've been swimming in the ocean and the pool. I've been playing with the kids. But it's not the same, and I've been getting grouchy.

So today, Savageman and I went kayaking. Just for a little while, and just on the Sound, but it was a change of pace I needed.

See how happy I am?

Later, we did the Big Photo Shoot on the Beach - this time with a real photographer first. Hoping hers turned out well - ours weren't too bad.

Middle and I decided we needed to work out. He started on the beach. Yes, that's an aerial - he's a foot off the ground. Very Wow.

After we got back, he orchestrated an excellent mini-kickboxing class for us in the pool area (The Teen provided the music, but didn't join in). Afterward, we hit the hot tub and the pool.

I feel tons better.

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