Thursday, November 10, 2011

Almost Done

With the main floor of the house, that is.

The IKEA Furniture arrives today, and my wonderful friend has offered to put it together with me.  Judging from how the first few pieces went yesterday (the ones that did come home in the car), it's a lot easier with two people, especially when one of them is experienced and patient, and not at all nervous about handing a screwdriver to Little and putting him to work.

That would be her, not me. :-)

 Yesterday, we made this:

Today, we could be starting on this:

Or this:

Or this:
Can't wait to see what this all looks like once it's put together and that big open space is finally full and able to be used.  Still need lighing in there, and maybe one more piece of art. And different curtains. 

This morning, I paid all the bills, including all the purchases and improvements we've made on the house this fall.  Happy to see that it's all paid off with plenty leftover for the staircase and whatever we decide to do upstairs.  Refinancing was a good move. 

So, to date:  The basement has been reclaimed.  The storage areas are clear of excess clutter and there are plenty of empty shelves available for use.  The trip to the laundry room is no longer an obstacle course.  The toys the kids have outgrown are gone, the game closet is neat and organized and the doors are fixed.  All excess coats are stored there also. The remaining toys, art supplies, science tools, etc. are neatly organized on shelves.  The educational books are neatly organized in two new bookcases.  The TV area features the two oversized chairs from the living room with the ottoman, so it is a comfortable space to watch a movie alone or with friends.

Upstairs, the old carpet and Pergo has been replaced with hardwood.  The broken kitchen drawer and pantry door have been fixed.  We have a new fridge, microwave and toaster oven.  Fresh paint and new window hardware in the living and dining rooms.  New art on the living room wall, and soon the new furniture as well. 

Still to be done: the staircase - which the Man looked at yesterday, and the lighting, curtains and art mentioned above.  Maybe a throw rug eventually, but I'm still not ready to cover up the lovely new floor.

And I might change the green in the hallway.  This winter we will paint the basement walls, and Savageman is working every night to clean out his own basement office so it can be used.

Little might wind up getting his own room after all, if we have other places to store the books and CDs in the upstairs office.  We haven't even touched the upstairs yet.  Maybe this spring.

It's all shaping up. 

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