Friday, November 04, 2011

I Have a Lot of Writing to Do

... so I've got to be quick here.

Spent the day cleaning, teaching and being Responsible.

Spent the evening kicking and punching and hanging out at the pizza joint with the karate peeps. One of my bestest karate buddies has put together this amazing bar tour / dancing night to celebrate my birthday tomorrow with a jillion of our karate friends, complete with little printout reminders of which bar we intend to hit at which time.

Never mind the fact that my birthday was last month and I've already forgotten about it - I think we all just really needed a night out and this is the excuse.

But I'll take it. :-)

And serious props to my friend for all the work she put into the planning and inviting and printing and designating drivers - all while she's been working, moving, fixing up two houses (one to sell, one to live in) and coming in for karate every night. She's the busiest working mother of three that I know, and she's made this night out a huge priority.

So big smoochy smooches to my pal who's making me feel way special right now - I'm secretly planning how to return the favor for her in June.

And now I need to write about 2000 words to get back on NaNoWriMo track. And it's 11:25 PM.

Hope something REALLY interesting happens in my story tonight.

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