Friday, November 25, 2011

My Black Friday Purchase

Some people got video games, some got TVs, gadgets, DVDs, appliances, computers or clothes. 

I got a blue kayak.

I didn't have to push anyone down or hit anyone or pepper spray anyone to get it either.  It's brand new and I got a good price at Blue Mountain Outfitters, along with the paddle, two new lifejackets and a second car rack.  The woman who sold it to me really knew her stuff and helped me make the best choice for our needs.

So now the Swifty (a.k.a. SlimJim) has a friend named Impulse (Blueberry Smoothie?) and we have all the equipment we need for a fun day for two on the creek. 

As for the rest of Black Friday, I got Little's birthday present (his birthday's right after New Year's), and spent several hours hanging out at the mall with Middle.  Ran into our karate friends there and had lunch.  More time with karate friends at the gym and now Savageman has taken the kids to see a movie so I can write. 

Speaking of which...


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