Saturday, November 05, 2011

Still Writing

So my main character had a really wordy anxiety attack and I managed to get to 6661 words - right on target for the night. 

Then today, I pushed through to 8461 - slightly ahead of where I need to be, which is just how I'm liking it. 

And none of my characters even had to start reading aloud from the dictionary.

Such a new thing for me, to actually be more and more ahead each day instead of more and more behind.  According to my stats, I now only have to write 1598 words per day to finish on time.  Which really doesn't take much time now that the Inner Editor is locked up tightly in a box in the back corner of the storage room in the back corner of the basement.  Haven't heard a peep out of her and I'm liking that too. 


The rest of my day will likely revolve around driving Middle and his Ninja friends from the mall to wherever else they want to go and then back to their houses so that the adult Ninja and their spouses can go out for an evening of eating, drinking, dancing, and general merriment.

After which I will come home and read The Paris Wife until I fall asleep.  Because not only is it NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo month, I have Book Club in a few weeks and I think everyone is reading or has read the book for a change. 

Gotta love November. 


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