Monday, November 28, 2011

Kayaking with Savageman

What a gorgeous day to be on the water!  We put the kayaks in near our house and took about a half-hour trip downstream, then spent another half-hour or so just paddling around looking at the birds and the deer and just being silly out in the middle of the water together. 

We saw lots of ducks, several blue herons, two redtail hawks, and a family of deer.  The creek was still kind of high, but the current wasn't too fast and the water felt good for dipping feet. 

Loving all this warm weather.  Each time I go out, I think to myself that this might be the last time for the year, so I really want to enjoy it - and then I get another nice day like today, which was great to share with Savageman.  He took the SlimJim and I had my new (aptly named) BlueberrySmoothie. I like them both just fine, but the BlueberrySmoothie is especially nice and fits me perfectly. 

Very happy with the purchase, and with the second car rack.  The helpful people at Blue Mountain Outfitters explained that I could strap a third kayak inbetween the other two if necessary.  Good to know.

Not holding my breath for another warm day like this as we head into December, but you never know.  Either way, I was glad to have had this time alone with my hubby to play with our new toys.


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