Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Here's Something New...

I'm actually ahead in my word count for probably the first time ever.  And the little stats window on the NaNoWriMo page tells me I now need 1600 words per day to finish on time instead of the traditional 1667.  Very gratifying.

It was actually an extremely productive day all around.  I'm always uber-productive when I'm procrastinating.

We got a ton of schoolwork done, I actually prepared good food, had a beautiful walk and visit with a friend, spent three hours at the dojang, took a trip to the grocery store with Middle on the way home, and then sat down and wrote 4 pages.  Which is pretty much what I need to stay ahead.

Four pages isn't so bad.  Although my back aches from sitting at the desk - or maybe it was the emphasis on falls tonight during class. 

I have no fear of falling, I just hate hitting the mat.

You were warned, remember?

And while I did procrastinate, fully enjoying all the uber-productivity that happened as a result, I didn't stress over the writing itself.  I just did it.  Didn't worry about whether it was good or bad, whether I chose the right word here or there, whether I'd ever be able to show it to anyone... I just wrote it and enjoyed the process.

It's okay if it sucks.  It's a first draft of a first novel.  I have realistic expectations of it, and of myself. 

If I can teach my kids to be this loving and accepting of themselves in life, they may not be fantabulous, but they'll probably be happy.

Maybe even both.

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