Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Day 58: I Am Tougher than my Pinky Toe

I just needed a chance to prove it to myself.

Tonight, I didn't hold back much at all.  I went in early, worked on the longstick form for a while, did a solid hour of kickboxing, and took another hour of class, which included an intense warm-up and a "mock test" at the end. 

After class, I worked for at least another hour with the longstick and sword.  Both jumps are back in the longstick form.  The landings hurt a bit, but once the adrenaline is pumping, it's hardly noticable. 

I'll take some Advil and ice it a bit before bed.

Grateful tonight for a wise and patient Master, for good friends and a supportive dojang.

Grateful also for a strong body and spirit, both of which grow stronger with every challenge.

Finally, I'm grateful for my wonderful family, who support me in all that I do, even on weeks like this when I'm away a lot and am particularly focused on my own goals.  They really are the best.

Off to find the ice and Advil.  I'm ready for some downtime.


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