Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 68: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yes, my Mom's birthday is on St. Paddy's Day.  Which is actually very nice, because we always have something extra fun to do when we celebrate it.  Sometimes it's an Irish Pub, sometimes it's enjoying some Irish music or dancing at a regular pub, sometimes it's just corned beef and cabbage at home.  This time, it was a Hershey Bears hockey game.  My parents and a bunch of their friends had a box reserved, so we watched the game in style, with good food and good conversation.  It was my first hockey game, and it was an exciting one.  The Bears won in a shootout after a tie and overtime.

We're truly blessed to have my Mom so close by.  Since she retired, she's been an incredible help with the kids, especially Little, who spends some time there every day doing handwriting, spelling, and times tables with her.  She has a way with him - with all the boys, actually - that's gentle and kind, yet effective.  She's the Good Cop, and provides a good balance to my and Savageman's more Tough Cop approach.  The Teen turns to her and my father when life at home seems too chaotic or stressful and they are always there to listen and gently guide him back on track.  They make it to every baseball, basketball, lacrosse game and karate competition or performance they can, they share Sunday dinner with us each week, and they make sure the seven of us get a week of vacation together somewhere every year.

Despite our different approaches to many things, we have always been able to maintain an attitude of mutual respect and affection for each other that I know many of my peers have struggled to have with their own mothers.  It's a significant relationship, the mother-daughter thing, and I feel blessed to have remained so close to each other, while still maintaining our own individuality. 

Happy to be celebrating yet another St. Paddy's Day birthday.  I spent most of the day working on a shamrock wool rug-hooking project for her.  She's not an easy person to shop for, but I know she enjoys the homemade gifts best. 

Just like a Mom.  :-)

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