Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 67: Yes, I Worked it Off

Between the hours we spent deep-cleaning the dojang, the hour I spent working out alone during kids' sparring, and then the hour and a half I spent sparring 5 different partners after that... I think the carbs I ate last night were put to good use.

The best part about tonight?  Immediately after sparring ended, Savageman and I took Middle and his lovely friend to see a high school production of Les Miserables in which some of our karate friends were performing.

It was fantastic.  We could hardly believe that it was a high school performance.  Everything about it amazed us.  The talent of the students, the sets, the costumes, the orchestra, the choreography... even the acoustics in the auditorium - all were incredible.

I remembered my own years of musical productions in school and community theaters.  We didn't have the headset microphones or the full orchestra,  but we did a good job with what we had, and it was always both hard work and incredible fun.

Grateful for a wonderful night out and a wondeful show.


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