Sunday, January 01, 2012


So many wonderful possibilities for a New Year's Day post!

"Best of" lists.  "Worst of" lists.   New Year's resolutions. 

The possibilities are overwhelming.

And I'm just plain beat. (That was quite a fun party.)

I will say this: 2011 was good.  2012 promises to be even better. 

But for right now, I am grateful:

for my healthy, (and relatively) happy family and extended family
for a sweet husband
for wonderful friends
for my writing, my teaching and my work
for the martial arts school
for my kayaks
for our newly-fixed-up home
for good music, good books and good movies
for the first 4 seasons of the X-Files on DVD - a gift from Savageman

and for a hot bath and a cozy bed - which is where we're headed after we watch the Pilot episode.

Living on the edge tonight...
Happy New Year!

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