Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 14 - Blue Monday

Didja ever have a day where all you wanted to do was lie around and eat comfort food?

I never have those days - except today.  That's how I felt today.

I couldn't even drag my butt out to martial arts tonight, which probably would have made me feel better.  I ran this morning, but only a mile.

I'm craving pasta with lots of cheese.  An English muffin with peanut butter and jelly.  Something rich and gooey and full of fat and carbs.

And sleep.  I want to sleep for a week.

When I realized today was the notorious Blue Monday, I felt a little bit better.  At least I'm supposed to be feeling this way.  I guess.  I had originally planned to host a fancy dress-up / cheer-up party for Blue Monday this year, but those plans never materialized.  Instead I wound up in the grocery store, comparing unit prices on bulk toilet paper.  (I'm happy to report that we won't have to buy toilet paper again until Spring.)

What I really need is some true Down Time.  It would be nice to spend some time just reading, watching a movie (without multitasking), continuing to teach myself to crochet, or (gasp) checking out my NaNoWriMo novel - which is sitting patiently on my hard drive waiting to be read and edited.  I haven't even peeked at it.  The possibility that I will read it and absolutely hate it is just too, too real at this point.  This way, I can at least allow it to be good in my fantasies. 

Sigh.  I think I'm going to go make that English muffin with peanut butter and jelly.  And maybe put in a movie.

And totally veg until bedtime.

Taking comfort in the knowledge that Blue Monday is almost over.


Julia Magnusson (It's not like a cat...) said...

Wow, and I thought it was just me. I got nothing done yesterday and just wanted to crawl into bed. I didn't even want to walk to the bus stop with Max (to get him to the dentist), let alone bike there. I felt like crap and sad all day. It's a known problem??

Hope you feel better today!

Kath said...

I DO feel better! Got up early, took a longer run, made an onion and greens frittata for breakfast... I have a lot more energy today. Hoping it lasts.

Hope you feel better today as well!