Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 15 - Grateful

... that Blue Monday only lasted one day

... that we're all healthy in Savageland right now

... that the boys have been getting their work done

... that Savageman and I have been having so much time to spend together

... that we have a nice gym to go to every morning

... that we have a great group of supportive, caring friends

... that we have two sets of supportive, caring parents

... that we have a working refrigerator full of good food

... that we have been active in our Church and continue to find support and fellowship there

... that we have a wonderful dojang family in addition to our biological family

... that we have good movies to watch

... that we have good music to listen to

... that we have good books to read

... that we have a wonderful library system we can use when we run out of any of these things

... that it's election season and we're not fighting over politics

... that our house is getting cleaned and decluttered (this time, the Upstairs)

... that hardships build character and make us stronger

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