Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 9 - Good Air In...

... bad air out.

Sometimes I need to give myself these little pep talks.

And, as always, coming back to focus on the blessings in a given situation puts everthing in a different light.

Someone commented on how happy the Teen seems to be lately.  It didn't surprise me - in addition to the hours he's spent in practice, Savageman has been out playing lacrosse with him almost every day.  Having that extra attention from his dad has meant a lot to him, whether he's willing to admit it or not.

Grabbing takeout and eating on the go is no longer an option, so I've been cooking.  I've been making something - a pot of chili, a pot of soup, a big salad - something - in the middle of the day.  We get lunch and dinner out of it, with leftovers to pick at the next day.  Reminding myself of how well I can stretch a rotisserie chicken or a pork roast when I need to makes me feel good, even if I do eat way too much when something's simmering on the stove all day.

Savageman and I have been working out together first thing every morning.  I make us an avocado / banana / coconut smoothie and we head for the gym.  I run.  He either runs, or he works out on the machines or the eliptical.  Almost every day we see people we know, and it's a nice opportunity for some social time.  Overall, it's given us a very good start to our day.

As I mentioned before, we've been ending the day with some special movie time.  The last two nights, we've been watching Glory with Middle, who just finished learning about the Civil War.  Once the kids are in bed, Savageman and I have had good conversations about our situation, how we feel, what we'd like to see happen, what we think God is calling us to do.  The fact that we've been so together on the answers to these questions is a good sign.  We're a team.

There's something about being on the Right Path that feels different.  Signs are clear.  The right people show up.  Yes, it may be far off, outside the illumination of the headlights, but it's there, waiting.  Everything we've done to this point has led us to where we are now. 

There's nowhere to go but forward.

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