Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Counting Blessings - Day 2

Tonight I'm thankful for the Teen, who took the initiative at school today and worked it out with the cafeteria so that he could unload boxes for them in exchange for lunch each day.  This will save us hundreds of dollars over the next few months, as lunch in the Catholic school cafeteria runs about $5 per day. 

Kudos to him for taking responsibility for this and making it happen right away.

I'm also thankful for volunteer opportunities of my own today, empowering women at the La Leche League and Girl Scout meetings I helped facilitate.  There will be no free lunch associated with either, but I'll gladly take any good Karma that might come my way as a result of these invested hours tending to the needs of overwhelmed new mothers and rambunctious pre-teen girls. Tonight, we helped the girls plan our second visit to the Interfaith Family Shelter to paint faces, do crafts and play games next month.  Their continued enthusiasm for reaching out to those less fortunate than themselves was inspiring as always. 

Putting the focus on helping others, especially those in immediate crisis or need, can really put things in perspective.

Continuing to remind ourselves of how very Blessed we have been.

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