Monday, January 02, 2012

Grinch Me

Christmas has been dismantled here in Savageland.

The tree has been un-decorated, the presents put away, the Christmas decorations decluttered (reduced by about 50%), and packed away in new, clear, mouse-proof containers.  Ready to go back up to the attic.

"Are we putting the tree out by the curb this week?"


They wandered away, bewildered, but seeing the look of determination on my face, they must have known not to question it.

Tomorrow, Savageman goes back to work, the Teen goes back to school, and we need to get back into our homeschooling routine.  Also, I'm working Wednesday and starting a new childbirth series next week.  The Teen is starting lacrosse conditioning in addition to resuming basketball practice this week.  Classes at the dojang started back up tonight.  Running starts again tomorrow for me, as the ankle allows.

Also... it's January. I'm ready to read my NaNoWriMo book, and start editing if it seems worthy of the effort.

Christmas is great, but a week before and a week after are plenty.  We've been staying up way too late, sleeping even more way too late, eating too much, exercising too little.  It was a lovely break, but... I'm ready for normal again.

Starting with going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting up before 7.  Which is going to feel like the middle of the night, given the schedule we're currently on.

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Tracy's corner said...

Hoilday are nice but I like when things get back to normal.