Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 8 - Productivity

Circumstances aside, we've been extremely productive here in Savageland in recent days and weeks.

Getting serious about finishing Middle up so he'll be ready for Real School in the fall. 

Enjoying Little's newfound enthusiasm for reading, his suddenly quite lovely handwriting (thanks to the work he's been doing with his Grandma every day), and getting him caught up in the areas where he was behind up until now.

Being consistent with our message to the Teen regarding our expectations of him and the amount of responsibility he needs to be taking for his education.

We've been keeping the main floor and basement pretty clean and decluttered and we've started working on the upstairs.  It's coming together.

Middle and I have been working hard at martial arts and I have also been running every day, trying to come back from the injury and build my endurance for ToughMudder in the spring.  Savageman has been joining me every day at the gym, which has been really nice for both of us.

There's a spirit of cooperation and unity here that I think we all appreciate. 

We're going to be just fine in all the ways that really matter.


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