Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 16 - Feeling Strong

What a difference today!

I don't know what changed - maybe I actually got enough sleep for once - but today I felt strong.  I ran over two miles and at a faster pace than I'd been going.  Then, tonight, we had an especially tough kickboxing class in which I took the harder option every time we were given a choice.  I was soaking wet, totally in the Zone, and it

One wall of the room we use for kickboxing is almost all mirrors.  I was amazed watching myself doing set after set of 50 jumping lunges or 50 jumping squats.  Ever since the ankle has been better, I have been completely enamored with my feet and legs.  I don't know why - they just seem so beautiful and complex and and strong.  They can jump and land, jump and land, over and over.  All those little bones and muscles and tendons and ligaments need to be so strong and to coordinate so well for these actions to seem so effortless.  A slight change in the position of any of these parts can make running - or even walking - painful to impossible.  But right now, they're perfect.  Watching them in the mirror, flexing and extending, flexing and extending - I was enthralled. 

And running - I can run for miles and miles now and they just know what to do - I don't have to think about it anymore - they just go.

Maybe reading Born To Run contributed to my appreciation of my feet and legs.  It certainly made me think differently about my body and what it's designed to do.

I was born to run.  And kick.  And punch.

Grateful for this body and for all that it can do.

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