Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 101: Teen Angst

Reading and thinking a lot today about the pressure that exists for most teens in our culture.

Too tired and drained to write much on the subject, but one interesting thing came up in my reading:

When we were young, there was the social pressure at school each day - the bullying, the impression management, the attempts to become popular, the struggle to stay popular - but when we got home, we got a break from it until the next day.

In today's world, kids have cell phones and Facebook and the pressure continues until they go to bed each night.  And begins again the moment they wake up.  No break.

No wonder they seek out ways to escape.  No wonder they are stressed out and full of Angst.

Trying to understand better and be a better listener with the Teen, and trying to help prepare Middle and Little for the world they will soon enough enter.  It's clearly not an easy one to navigate.

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