Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 111: Mudder Tomorrow

It's a Done Deal - The Master is picking me up at 5:30 a.m. so we can drive up to Pocono Manor tomorrow morning for a day of hard-core challenges... and mud.

I have to admit, his enthusiasm for the event is infectious.  It's been on his mind all week as he's been preparing himself physically and mentally.

Me?  I've been in denial.  Doing my regular thing.

"I can't believe you sparred last night," he said to me this morning.

"I'm just trying to treat it like a normal week."  All part of the denial.

He's been taking this week easy so he will be well-rested and pain-free.  I, on the other hand, pushed myself harder than usual, put in more hours than usual, and, ironically, got my first real sparring injury last night.  It's not bad, just a swollen thumb, but it's been bad enough for ice and Advil.

I wasn't planning on doing the monkey bars obstacle anyway.  Ditto for anything that involves freezing cold water.

Judging from the facebook pictures of today's event at Pocono Manor, it does look like a lot of fun. I still can't decide what to wear on my feet.  My Vibrams are great, but I don't want them to get ruined.  Water shoes might be just as good, and expendable.  Sneakers and hiking boots will be miserable if they get wet, but will have better tread...  Decisions, decisions...

The Ninjas and I had a few hours of extra practice tonight and went out for a beer, which was nice.  They told me to come home and have a big plate of pasta before bed, which will be a stretch since I'm really not hungry.  Need to pack up my gear and get to bed early. 

Will post pictures tomorrow.

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