Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 95: I Need A Day

Just one.

I just need a day to get caught up on all the stuff that has piled up around here - bills to pay, car to be cleaned out and packed, school stuff organized, Bradley workbooks ordered, general picking up done...

Not to mention just a little bit of Down Time.  Which I probably wouldn't take anyway, but hey.

Instead, I'm going to work tomorrow, and I'm probably working right up until when I get in the car with three girl scouts and one mom and head to D.C.

It's only for a night and a day - maybe I can catch up Sunday.

As for tonight, I started a new childbirth class which is always nice, and I even got in some time afterward with my friends.  Without having to mop. 

And earlier today, I endured another round of torture theraputic massage.  The guy had a conversation with my pinky toe, which will be receiving more tough love from me from this point on.  I had a good martial arts class.  Things are starting to feel better, so maybe I'm glad I didn't seek pricy medical intervention after all.

For now, I'm beat.  Drained.  Fried.  All of that.  Going to bed.

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