Monday, April 09, 2012

Day 92: Maybe It's Time

I was determined not to seek medical attention. 

I'm a Warrior, after all.  Warriors don't go to the doctor for little aches and pains.

For that there's Ice.  And Advil.  And, when necessary, alcoholic beverages.  :-)

But after 5 weeks post-toe break and about as many weeks of iliopsoas pain (I think), I'm ready to try something else. 

I tried to get my Vibrams on today and the toe screamed bloody murder and swelled up for the rest of the day in protest. No Vibrams.

I heated and stretched the hips at the gym this morning, then stretched and practiced kata for a full hour before kickboxing and class this evening, but I still had a hard time bringing up my left leg to kick.  And my right leg is attached to my right pinky toe, so while the leg moved just fine, making contact with the bag was another story.

I think I've been plenty patient.  Maybe it's time for an X-ray and a conversation.  Or a cortisone shot.  PT.  Whatever.

I'm supposed to go back for another torture session theraputic massage this week.  Not especially looking forward to that.  The guy is great; the noodlely part was nice, but the hours it took digging around my trigger points getting there?  Not so much.

Sigh.  Don't get me wrong - I'm grateful.  My body is strong and lean and the extra practice in these last two months is beginning to show. 

But... Ow.

Stretching and icing and Aviling once more tonight.  With a Belgian Pale Ale and a movie with Savageman.

I'll make the phone call tomorrow if things don't seem any better.

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