Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 110: What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

I will be here Sunday.

I do not intend to come home with a mohawk, a tattoo, or a torn ACL.  But I'm sure it will be An Experience, nontheless.

Some fun tidbits from the website:

Course Safety Warning: The course is designed to be very difficult and the terrain is at times muddy, slippery, and potentially dangerous. You will be wet after the first mile, and you MUST be able to swim more than fifty yards if you attempt the Walk the Plank obstacle. If you do not feel comfortable completing any obstacle, DO NOT attempt it; simply continue on to the next obstacle. But really, what do you think you signed up for, Warrior Dash?

What to Wear:

  • Normal running shoes. We DO NOT recommend you buying a brand spanking new pair of pumped up kicks for this event; shoes get muddy, because you are running through mud. At Tough Mudder, all shoes go to heaven (or get recycled and delivered to starving/shoeless children in Africa).

What NOT to wear:

  • You CANNOT wear spikes or cleats during the event. There will be an inspection at the Start Area—and when we catch you, trust us, we’ll make it embarrassing that you tried to defy the mighty Mudder.
Hydration system – FILLED WITH WATER, not cerveza. Note: Again, there will be water stations.

The Post-Party is a key component of the Tough Mudder experience. Bands and DJs will be playing live music throughout the afternoon. It is kind of like Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve. But it’s not a new year, and it’s not nighttime, and there is no Dick Clark. Kick back and celebrate what will probably be the greatest accomplishment of your life. Unless you make it to World’s Toughest Mudder, that is.

Tough Mudder Respect Awards (wonder if broken toes count...)

For participants who have overcome illness, injury or misfortune. For further details see here.

Costume Awards

Best Costume — Most Bad-Ass
Worst Costume — Most Dumb-Ass
Least Clothing — Most Ass
Most Likely To Have Been In The Village People
Each event’s costume contest winner will get a free season pass–which gets you into the rest of the North American 2012 events, including ones that are sold out.

Toughest Mullet & Toughest Mohawk

Free Head-Shaves To be Provided – Award Best Mullet & Best Mohawk – Prize TBD

Tough Mudder Tattoos

Tattoo of our logo will be available on event day to anyone tough enough to want one. Tattoos are available for $70 and will give said badass free entry into one Tough Mudder of your choice in 2012

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