Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 98: Gratitude In General

Things I found myself feeling grateful for on the trip:

Cardio Kickboxing class, where I learned all the cool music the girls have on their iPods.  I had four of them in my van and I let them choose the tunes (within reason).  They were delighted to see me groovin' along to their favorite dance music.

My co-Leader, who is interesting and cheerful and easy to be with.  We never fail to have a good time together on these trips, and she is the ideal travel companion.

My Scouts, who are so different from one another in many ways, but who work to be patient and kind to each other all the same. 

My husband and boys, who are wonderful sports about me taking these little jaunts from time to time.

The fact that we have so many cool destinations within easy driving distance and that I get this kind of practice traveling there with a knowledgeable guide.  Thinking a trip to the National Zoo with the boys and their friends may be happening in the near future.

The ability to do cartwheels and spin kicks in a field with the girls and walk and hike tirelessly thoughout the day, even after a 5 a.m. wakeup.

Teachable moments, which occurred throughout the trip.  Nice to feel like we're making a difference in these girls' lives and broadening their horizons a little at a time.

Pizza and a cool spot to watch the planes land.  Love having a guide who knows all the secret spots to go.  That may have been the highlight of the trip for some of the girls.

Coffee and more dance music, which helped me stay awake for the ride home.

A clean house and happy men waiting for me at home after a long, long day.

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