Thursday, April 05, 2012

Day 88: Spring Break

The kids are on Spring Break and have an extra-long weekend.

We took advantage of this fact, and of the beautiful day, and gathered up our own offspring and two carloads of their friends.  We all took class this morning at 10, then hit the grocery store and the park, where we spent the afternoon before heading back to take the 4 and 5:00 classes. 

It was the first day that we've had a huge group of them together at a park in months. We ate sandwiches and chips and cookies at the picnic table.  Savageman came out for a while, and it was nice to lie in the grass together and look at the sky while the kids hiked and ripsticked and climbed and played word games together. 

Good, wacky fun.

One of the best things about Middle's friends is that they are also very comfortable with, and very good friends with all of us adults as well.  At karate, many of the 9th graders outrank us, and in many ways they serve as our teachers and mentors.  They share their lives and thoughts and opinions with us, knowing that we will listen and respect where they are coming from.  They are also a highly motivated group of achievers, both in and out of school, who are mature and responsible beyond their years.  Their goofy behavior matches and rarely exceeds our own adult goofiness (which can be considerable at times), and there is always much laughter and fun when we are all together. 

It's a rare and wonderful thing to see kids with so many supportive adults in their lives, knowing and appreciating them for the special individuals they are.   Even more wonderful to be one of those adults, enjoying regular interaction and conversation with thoughtful young people who have their entire lives ahead of them.

Grateful tonight for all the teens in my life, who enhance it so much.  Looking forward to another full day with them tomorrow.

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