Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Day 115: Healing

My body is bruised and sore from the Mudder, but I've logged ten hours at the dojang so far this week... and it's only Wednesday. 

As of tonight, I have been taught all of my red belt material.  I have a month to make it all look beautiful if I want to test in June. 

My two new open-hand forms are already looking good, I've been told.  The kum do (sword) form is committed to memory now and just needs to be tweaked.  And I've had my sitting hapkido techniques for several weeks.

On to my old material...

I've been working my way down through my older poomsae, looking for sloppy chambers, weak stances, and general stylistic changes to make.  Today I started looking at the taekwondo actions themselves, with Middle's help, noticing a bent wrist here, a fist too high or too low there.  My hapkido and fighting techniques need fine-tuning as well, but I am hesitant to bother Middle (or anyone else, for that matter) to practice those with me for any real length of time.  Joint manipulations hurt, as does being repeatedly thrown by someone who wants to get a technique exactly right.

I'm sore, but I'm happy to be healing and working on all of my color belt material, new and old.  It will be three years in July that I've been doing this, and the red belt I will test for will be the last color I will wear before becoming a black belt. 

Grateful tonight for the support and the help I've had and for a strong mind and body that have brought me this far.

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