Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 131: Paddling, Sparring and Sanity

My client canceled and the Teen had no school today.

I made him go kayaking with me.

He was reluctant at first...

 But after a while, he began to relax and enjoy it.  When we got to our takeout spot, he insisted we trade kayaks and keep on going.

No problem.

We went to the next takeout, and decided to go some more... and some more.

Nine and a half miles in all, and we paddled the whole time (about three hours).  It was exactly what we both needed.

We had lunch together afterward, and picked up some job applications for him.  He came with me to sparring, where he let me and Middle and the Guru have at him for a while.

He left with a new gi and a promise to give karate another chance - to help with some changes he wants to make.  We had pizza and fun with the ninjas, and Middle brought home two buddies to sleep over.  Savageman, the Teen, and I watched a movie together.

Sanity (at least temporarily) restored.

Deep sigh...

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