Monday, May 07, 2012

Day 120: Not Inspired

I'm wrapping up the school year.  Working hard at karate.  Nuturing my family and friendships. 

I'm not cooking - and I miss this from time to time.  But it just hasn't been a priority.

We have healthy, natural food on hand, but we consume it in ways that require little effort or creativity. 

The boys all know what to do if they want to create something of their own.  They just don't like the rule about having to clean up the kitchen when they're done.  :-P

I remember the days when it was exciting and fun to make up a menu plan, research cookbooks and websites, make elaborate shopping lists, and devise interesting ways to use leftovers.

Of course, I also remember spending a small fortune on a new recipe I wanted to try only to have everyone sullenly pick at it and then make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for themselves later.

I remember washing container after container of leftover meals down the garbage disposal - meals I had planned, shopped for and taken hours to prepare.

The wasted time and money.  The feelings of resentment.

Yeah, I don't miss that.

Which isn't to say I wouldn't try it again, once in a while, with input and help from the family.  I even suggested it to Savageman tonight, since he was going to be home with the Teen for a few hours while the rest of us were at the dojang.  Making a yummy meal together might be a good way to bond.

He laughed.  I'll admit that the idea of the two of them in the kitchen together was a bit of a stretch.

C'est la vie.  I whipped up some tuna salad when I got home at 9, exhausted and drenched.

It was delicious.

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