Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 137: Lean and Mean

I got on the scale today.

It seems that, between all the extra karate practice, the wearing of ankle weights around the house, and my work schedule of the last two weeks, I'm back down to my skinny-two-summers-ago weight.

There's a hint of a six-pack emerging in my abdominal region.  :-)

It kind of makes sense.  I've been getting up for work, having coffee and allergy medicine, working until after lunch, scarfing down a Cliff Builder bar and / or a banana while I'm scoring or driving home, then spending several hours at karate and kickboxing, only to arrive home too late for anything more than a snack. 

Being lighter has its advantages, besides just looking nice.  Tonight I pumped out the burpees like they were nothing. 

I'm feeling strong. 

Looking forward to sparring tomorrow and the final week of prep for my red belt test.

Loving the way I feel right now.

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