Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 135: He's Back...

The Teen returned to the dojang today.  He watched while Middle and I took the afternoon class, then took the cardio kickboxing class with us.

For someone who isn't used to this level of torture, he hung in there pretty well.  I encouraged him to pair up with a female ex-boxer who I knew would give him a strong workout and they both seemed to enjoy it.  He did as much of the pushups, crunches and burpees as he could, and by the end of class he was just as soaking wet as the rest of us.

I was really proud of him.  I'm sure it was hard for him to come back after being away for so long and after gaining so much weight, but everyone was happy to see him and made him feel welcome, which I'm sure really helped.

Tonight I will alter his gi for him and sew his patches on.  Hopefully his new belt will be waiting for him when he gets there Thursday.

Good to see him taking this positive step.


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