Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 142: I Didn't Go To Work Today

... and it was Weird.

I didn't have to get dressed up.  My morning coffee was enjoyed from a ceramic mug instead of a travel mug.  I didn't have to put makeup on or pack a bar or banana in my briefcase.

I guess I was getting used to it.

As it turned out, I got a lot of stuff done here at home that I had been neglecting.  Mainly homeschooling stuff.  Got Little's end-of-year conference done and Middle's evaluation scheduled.

Middle finished his black belt paper.  Little did a chunk of history.

Laundry, dishes, compost, and a million other little things - done.

At karate, we had the first of a string of mock tests at the end of class.  I hate them, but it's good that we do them.  This way, we get all the nervous mistakes out of the way before our real test.  True to form, I choked halfway through my best poomse.  Completely choked.  Stood there, bewildered, while my buddy accidentally kicked me in the head because I was in his way.  I fumbled through the rest of it, as well as the rest of the test, and slunk out to change for kickboxing.

I practiced it again tonight with the guru, this time while saying the numbers and actions.  Better to have it memorized in two places in my brain, not just one.

There will be four more of these mock tests for me between now and Saturday.  Hopefully my performance will get progressively better and not worse.  The countdown has begun.

Putting red polish on my toenails.  :-)

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