Thursday, May 03, 2012

Day 116: Nice To Be Home

Woke up at 7:20 after about 6 hours of sleep.

Put neighbor kids on the bus, left for work.

Did neuropsych tests until 3.

Came home, picked up clothes and boys, picked up girls, headed to the dojang.

Took two classes.

Came home, took quick shower, headed to childbirth class.  Watched reactions of couples who had never seen serious birthy videos before.

Met up with Savageman and ninjas at B&N cafe, closed cafe, walked over to Giant, spent another hour together at Giant cafe.  Went grocery shopping with six ninjas for bacon cinnamon bun ingredients.

Home finally at 11:30.

I haven't been in my house all day, and now it's time for bed.

Of course, there are dishes to wash, clothes to wash, stuff to pick up, and 5 games of Words With Friends that need my attention. 

Not to mention Savageman, who totally rocks.  I did get to see him while we were out earlier, but he came home early to put Little to bed.  Because he totally rocks. We'll be up until 2.

Need more hours.  Or less sleep.

But it's all good.

Grateful for so many good things to fill my time on a day like today.


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