Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 132: More Demo Fun

Another Demo today for the Team - this time at Armed Forces Day on City Island.

Six hours, five performances, all outdoors in the sun. 

They were hot.  They were tired.  Half of the teens (mine included) had done sleepovers last night where they had not slept. 

They still looked great.

Very proud of all of them - they work so hard at this, and it really shows.

From there, we headed for Greek Fest, where the dojang family relaxed in the shade and feasted on amazing Greek food to the sound of Greek festival music.

On the way home, the ninjas in my car started to doze.  At home, Middle passed out on the couch for a while next to me and Teen Ninja Girl.  He was snoring.

When we finally revived him, he went out to the back porch, dumped a bucket of ice water on his head, and we hit the grocery store for cookie ingredients. 

They're watching a movie with Little now.

Life is good.


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