Sunday, February 05, 2012

Day 27 - Superbowl Sunday

Savageman's beloved Giants are playing in the Superbowl.  He and the boys have been watching it, and I think they just won, but I can't make myself care.  I'm tired, I'm sick and achy, my sinuses are pounding, and since Church this morning I've done nothing but clean, pay bills, do house projects, and watch Little swim at the Y.

And my to-do list is still way too long.

I want to work on my NaNo novel, or at least do the Scrivener tutorial, or something crafty, or read my library books, or read ANY book, for that matter - but my desk is a mess, I have stacks of papers and magazines I need to go through, the garage and attic and storage areas need attention, and I'm having a hard time doing anything else until all of that is done.

Besides, every time I do try to force myself to relax and watch a movie or read a book these last few days, I fall asleep.

All of the wonderful togetherness Savageman and I have enjoyed over the last month is starting to wear a little thin.  As nice as it's been, it's just not natural.  He needs to work, and I need to do what I do without the distractions and uncertainty we've got going on now.

Shopping at the discount grocery outlet yesterday was also pretty depressing.

I know - I'm whining.  I'll cut it out.

Grateful for a warm house, real food, good family and friends, continued progress with the various  projects, and a hot bath, which is where my achy body is headed.

Although I'll probably fall asleep in the tub. 



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