Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 37: I Didn't Want to Get Out of Bed This Morning

And, given the way the day went, I probably shouldn't have.

I felt like this much of the day:

The morning workout at the gym sucked.  The car ride with Savageman sucked.  We don't seem to be agreeing on much lately, which is not a good thing when he's in my psychological space just about All The Time.

I'm sure he would tell you that I'm no picnic to be with all day either.  (See picture above.)

The suckitude carried over into the house and the schoolwork with Little, who wound up sitting at the table in front of a 10 minute math assignment for - I kid you not - 5 hours before I finally left the house to go kick and punch things that were, thankfully, not him.  After I left, with specific instructions for Savageman not to let him out of his chair for any reason until it was done, he did it quickly and without incident.

Middle proved himself once again to be the Brains of the Operation around here and, sensing that I was in a Very Bad Place, cheerfully and efficiently got his own schoolwork done and got himself to the dojang as quickly as he could.  "I'm a good boy," he told my karate bf with a big grin as I recounted my tale of woe to her.  He seemed particularly proud of himself.

The Teen was... well, the Teen.  What can I say?  He did play a lot of 80s music tonight while I was eating dinner, so at least I didn't have to fight over having gangsta rap in my auditory space.  One has to note progress when one sees it, right? 

I'm thinking that what I need right now is 1) a good glass of red wine (we have none), 2) a serious massage (not likely), and 3) a hot bath and a good book. 

I'll settle for one out of three.

Hoping tomorrow goes better.  I'll try to be more like this:


Julia Magnusson (It's not like a cat...) said...

This line made me laugh aloud: "...before I finally left the house to go kick and punch things that were, thankfully, not him. "

Sorry you had such a horrid day. Being with one's spouse ALL THE TIME, no matter how much one loves one's spouse, can be...trying. Space is good for everyone.

Kath said...

I guess technically, it should have read, "thankfully, not he." But that sounded silly.

Space = Very Good. I hope we got enough today to be able to hit the "reset" button. If not, there are some nearby trails I'd like to explore this weekend.


Julia Magnusson (It's not like a cat...) said...

The "he" versus "him" was not what made me laugh--it was the whole idea of it! ;)

Kath said...

LOL - I know - but we were both Mr. McGovern's students, so I felt I should acknowledge the error :-)

He was a very lucky boy. A very lucky boy indeed. I gave my kickboxing partner a double-strength workout that day.