Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 47: Hat Trick

I spent the morning with Middle at a karate tournament. 

We were iffy about going, with finances being what they are, and with only one of his teammates going.  Most of the others spent last night at their school's Thon fundraiser and would have been in no shape to compete this morning.

But with Little away and The Teen at work, we had the day to ourselves.  He misses competition season, and I knew it would be a nice thing to do together.

He came away with three first-place medals.

His young teammate took home a first and two seconds.  A good day overall.

(Pics aren't great - I got a few with my phone.)

P.S. The evening lacrosse game was also a success, with a 5-1 win for The Teen's team. And Little reports that he is having a great time at camp. A good day all around.

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