Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 46: And So Begins the Weekend

Savageman and Little are away at Winter Camp.

Here at home, we're hunkering down for a windy, back-to-February night.  Pizza digesting, half a movie watched, we turned in early.  The Teen has to work in the morning and Middle wants to go to a karate competition. 

I'm in bed, alone, unless you count My Cat, who is curled up at my feet.  My Cat respects my space.  And I respect hers.  That's why she's My Cat.  We're also the only females in the house.

Speaking of females, my very lovely and talented friend showed up today with a load of freshly dyed wool.  She did a magnificent job, especially considering it was her first attempt. 

I'd post a picture, but Savageman took the camera to camp. 

Sometimes I envy my friend's crafty abilities.  Or at least her follow-through.  I can't sit still and pay attention to things these days like she can. Rug hooking is very meditative and satisfying, but the only times I've really been able to do it have been when I'm visiting with her.  Times like that - where I'm forced to sit still for a while - are good for me.  But I rarely sit down most days, other than when I'm driving and I have no choice.

I'm not sure if my constant need to be in motion is a good thing or not.  I do know it's been keeping me from working on The Novel.  Today I did put sticky notes on every page of the country-self-reliance book that contained information I wanted to impart to my characters. 

I imagine them there, in the world I created for them, arms folded, scowling, looking up and waiting. One of them taps her foot impatiently.  "When are you going to teach us about solar panels?"  "And how to butcher rabbits," the other chimes in.  "And pickle vegetables." "And grind corn."  "Hurry up with that country skills book - we're cold and hungry here and we need to be preparing for whatever godawful winter you have in store for us."

My characters need to know how to can vegetables and build a root cellar, Middle needs to be taken to a compeition, the Teen needs to be picked up from work and then driven to lacrosse tomorrow night.  Also, the laundry needs to be done, the house picked up, more of the garage could get cleaned, and I'm determined to make a delicious batch of homemade granola before Savageman gets back. My plan is to secretly replace his $4.50 per 10 oz. bag of organic granola with my own homemade organic granola and thus save myself enough money over the next year to cover the cost of driving to the lacrosse match and competition tomorrow. 

If it's good, I'll post the recipe.

It's not even tomorrow yet, and I'm exhausted.  I guess I should sleep.

Hoping Savageman and Little are having a good time at camp.  My Cat and I are going to spread out and enjoy having the bed to ourselves.



Julia Magnusson (It's not like a cat...) said...

Sitting still is HARD. Harder than anything. I am terrible at it. Thus knitting projects go unfinished, writing ideas drift away, plans and goals don't quite get delineated...

But cooking feels like a good excuse for staying in motion, doesn't it? Hope the granola turned out well!

Kath said...

It DID turn out well! Great recipe - I made loads of it. The first batch was definitely too salty, even with only 1/2 tsp. So I made more with just the oats, sugar, syrup & oil - and some cocoa powder - then I combined the two batches and it's much better. My mix-ins were chopped pistachios, sunflower seeds, almonds (including the dried almond meal from the homemade almond milk), pecans, pumpkin seeds, and chopped dried cherries and dates.

The boys have been snacking on it, so it must be good.

And I stood up the whole time I was making it. :-)