Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Day 29: I Heart Tuesdays

It's 7:15 and I'm done for the day.  Running done, schoolwork done, martial arts class and kickboxing class done.  Delicious corned beef and cabbage waiting for me in the crockpot when I got home from class.

Nothing to do now but relax, clean up and chill with the ninja friends after competition practice ends.  These days, Savageman has been joining us as well.

The last few days of conflict with him have hopefully come to an end.  It's a time of transition and adjustment, and these little spats are to be expected as we redefine our roles and responsibilities and expectations.  Apparantly, mine were too high, at least while I wasn't feeling well.  Thankfully, I'm feeling better and don't mind taking back my normal responsibilities for the house and kids.  Speaking of feeling better...

I. Kicked. Butt. Tonight.

In class, I started learning the longstick form I need for my green stripe test.  (Green stripe! One test away from red - which is one color away from black.)  Never mind the fact that the longstick feels completely foreign in my hands - I watch the Master flip and twirl and switch it from side to side so effortlessly, and I feel like a klutz, whacking myself in the shins with it.  I felt the same way with the sword - I guess it will come with about a million hours of practice.

Little and his pal joined us for kickboxing for the first time.  This will give him an appreciation for his old mom, was all I kept thinking - as I pumped out 40 pushups and looked over at him sweating and struggling with... nothing close to 40 pushups.  He and his pal were fun to watch, though.  The pal's mom and I were partners and we kept laughing at how cute they were.  We were both glad we'd stayed for class, even though we'd both had the same achy cold virus these last few days.

Going to get the place picked up so I can relax and read or write or watch a movie later tonight. 

Love my Tuesdays.


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