Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 36: Valentine's Day

And I just woke up, having fallen asleep on the couch watching X-Files with Savageman.  So maybe this won't be one for the books.  We usually celebrate the day after anyway - the candy and gifts are all 50% off .  It's our own little frugal tradition. He's a sweet man, and we've been together for 23 wacky years now - and married for more than 17 of those years.  He's still one of my favorite people in the world, and I'm blessed to have him.  There was a balloon and a card and a funny little book waiting for me when I got home tonight, and the Teen had made us a cake with homemade chocolate icing.  Good stuff - and frankly, more than I had expected.

I learned something interesting in a group conversation tonight about how we've celebrated February 14ths of the past.  Several of us recalled our favorite Valentine's Day as being spent, not with our spouses or significant others, but in the company of our girlfriends.  (The guys probably have equally fond memories of those years, having been released from the pressure and expectations normally put upon them - while still scoring what-a-guy points for encouraging our Girl Time.) 

It actually makes sense, when you think about it - girls get this stuff better than guys do. 

And love takes all different forms. 

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Julia Magnusson (It's not like a cat...) said...

So true! One of my best Valentine's memories was of a small party at a friend's apartment, all women.