Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 51: Gratitude Check

... because it's more important now than ever before.

So tonight, here's my list, in no particular order:

Little, who got a good amount of work done for a Wednesday

Middle, who just totally rocks 
       (I cut his hair today and my friends and I noticed him admiring himself in the mirror during kickboxing class.  One of them yelled across the room, "Lookin' good, [Middle]!"  Most 13-year-olds would have been mortified.  He grinned and gave us a thumbs-up.  The essence of cool...)

The Teen, who has been teaching Little to play lacrosse and who ordered takeout and watched the Smurf movie with his little Lax-bro while the rest of us were out tonight

Savageman, who cleaned up the kitchen while I was in the shower and who is going to give me an amazing massage tonight (hint hint)

My parents, who are pure awesomeness

My ninja friends, who keep me laughing, even when we're doing a bazillion jump-squats or side-crunches

My non-ninja friends, who call and stop by, breaking up the monotony of a rainy day at home

A strong and healthy body

Good food to eat

A productive homeschooling day

An interesting and challenging job to go to tomorrow

A fun and engaging childbirth class to be with tomorrow night

Knowledge that I can keep our household running on a greatly-reduced income

Quiet movie time tonight with Savageman

... as soon as I'm off the computer.


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