Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back in Action

So tonight I resumed regular martial arts activities.

"Can I throw you?"


And it was fine.  I guess my ribs are healed.  Was it the self-forgiveness?  The massage?  The Aleve I'm taking for my ankle?  A combination of all three?  Whatever it was, I'm glad to not feel so fragile anymore.

Now to address the issue of the ankle...

The Teen talked to the athletic trainer he works for at school and she said no running for 2-3 weeks.  I'm counting time already served for that.  Ice, double Aleve, rest.  I'm compromising on the rest part - no running, but I'm not skipping kickboxing or martial arts classes.  The one thing that really hurts it is walking (shopping).  Jumping and punching and kicking are fine.

I'm too busy this week to run anyway.  Or so I'm telling myself.

And after a long day at work and class, I'm ready to stretch out on the couch with a cat and an ice pack for the rest of the evening. 

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Ed said...

I didn't see any cat (snooty!), but I did see number two and paterfamilias.