Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Casino Tuesday

Savageman and I spent the day with a group of friends at the nearby Hollywood Casino.  We'd never been there before, so we were glad to be going with people who had. 

It was quite the experience. 

We played penny slots.  They were actually more like $.30 or $.40 slots because your odds are better playing 30 or 40 rows at a time.  And of course, you can double or triple your bet after that as well.  We spent a long time drinking free soda and playing with the same $10 or so, but in the end we never really won anything. 

One of our friends did, though - she won $250 playing nickel slots.  Very fun to watch.  After karate, a bunch of us went out as usual - she was buying.

Celebrating with the High Roller. :-)

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