Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peaceful Space

Spent another day hanging around the house, getting things done.  The living and dining rooms are pretty much finished now, and I like the new furniture, new curtains, the coffee bar, and the lack of clutter very much. 

Savageman took the boys out for a long time and I had the place to myself.  Yesterday, I put together a Pandora station I'm very happy with and the house has been filled with good music all weekend.  Good smells in the forms of butternut squash soup and Nag Champa.  Good long conversation with a friend without interruptions. 

I finally got the Christmas decorations out of the attic.  Tomorrow we will get the tree and start decorating for real.  And shopping.  I'm finally ready to do the Christmas Thing without the tension and stress of it competing with everything else that needed to be done.

Deep, contented sigh.

My ribs even feel better. 

(But don't tell Savageman yet.  I still want another massage.)

Feeling strong and centered and very blessed tonight.


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