Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Weeks

That's how long the Teen said I had to wait before running again while the tendon in my ankle and foot healed. 

I've been paitent and good.  No running.  Ice and Advil. Stretching and strengthening exercises.

Pain-free, I started up again today. This time, on the track instead of the treadmill.  A lot of barefoot/Vibram/Chi runners aren't big fans of treadmills, which probably makes sense, considering the whole point is to run the way we're naturally designed to run.  Which isn't on a treadmill.

Running on the track did feel good, despite the fact that it's only 1/16 of a mile long and I had to keep turning.  They alternate directions every day, which is fine unless you run on alternate days. 

One thing I do like is the little counters they have for people to hold while they run.  It's fun to click the button after each lap.  These are the kinds of things I need to amuse myself without a TV or window to look at while I'm running indoors.

I only did 1.5 miles today - not wanting to push it too hard too soon.  But I left the Vibrams on and went to about 10 stores looking for Little's birthday present from his brothers.

Amazing how when I was Christmas shopping, these things were everywhere, and now four days after Christmas, everyone's out of them. They had the doughnut makers, the cupcake makers, the little pie makers... but no cake pop makers.
So I got a lot more running in, this time outdoors, in various parking lots in the area. Finally found a store that still had them.  It looks like it will be fun. 

Running outdoors in the cold wasn't actually too bad in short bursts.  I might need some warmer running clothes if I'm going to make it a habit.

I also made it to kickboxing and class tonight, where I took a nasty accidental hit to the eye, resulting in an impressive cut and bruise.  It didn't stop me from finishing class or joining the gang for a snack afterward, but it will require some eyedrops and extra makeup over the next few days, I'm afraid.  I've been told that purple eyeshadow is making a comeback - maybe this is my week to try it.

Tonight, I'm weary.  Relaxing and watching Mission: Impossible with Savageman and Middle.  Occasionally applying a bag of frozen corn to my eye. 

Looking at the adorable cake pop cookbook I got to go with the cake pop maker.  (He's going to love this.)


Ready for a warm bath and a glass of wine.

And a fresh bag of corn.  :-P

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It's Not Like a Cat said...

Take it easy on that foot!

As for cold-weather running, yeah, layers are good. And good gloves/mittens.

Sounds like life is good!